Traveling to Seattle: Where to Go, What to See

Traveling to Seattle: Where to Go, What to See

Seattle is one of the most recognizable cities in the world, and for great reason. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to figure out what to do next.

We have come up with a quick guide that details some of the best attractions that you simply cannot miss while sightseeing in Seattle this summer!

Space Needle

One of Seattle’s most recognizable sights is the famous space needle. Constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, this 605-foot tall attraction is an epic sight and it offers a lot of photo opportunities along with the SkyCity restaurant, an observation deck, and fun, interactive displays.

Seattle Aquarium

There is nothing like bringing the family to the city aquarium, and Seattle offers just that with over 380 species of birds, fish, invertebrates and marine mammals to adore all year long. Attractions at the aquarium include Edge tide pool, the chance to talk with professional divers, and a famous underwater dome so you can see what the fish see!

CenturyLink Field

If you are a sports fan, then you should plan ahead and buy tickets to attend a game at the famous CenturyLink Field. Both the NFL team the Seattle Seahawks and Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders call this place home. The park offers a wide range of concessions, the ability to take in the breathtaking Olympic mountain range and a great view of the game from every seat.

Pike Place Market

If you really want to experience the local flair of Seattle, then you need to check out the famous Pike Place Market. This expansive shopping experience has two floors full of fish, fruit, vegetables, and tasty treats for every acquired taste. If you don’t want to purchase food from a booth, then dine in one of the many restaurants.

Museum of Pop Culture

If you like movies, television and comic books, then you will also enjoy the Museum of Pop Culture. The museum offers a ton of exhibits including those dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, the history of guitars, and a bunch of famous movie costumes.

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Beat Bus Ride Blues with our Long Distance Travel Tips

Beat Bus Ride Blue with Our Long Distance Travel Tips

Tourist travel by bus allows the entire group to stay together so that you don’t have to worry about waiting around for anyone to catch up or arrive at your final destination. But there can be some challenges that come along with taking long distance trips, and we want to help you conquer them.

Beat your bus ride blues with a few of our long distance travel tips below.

Designate an Activities Coordinator

Sitting on a bus for hours at a time would cause anyone to get stir crazy. That’s why it’s a good idea for groups to elect an unofficial “activity’s coordinator” for the trip. This person should be the go-to for games and entertainment, and of course, they should like to create a welcoming, social atmosphere for the trip. This person should stock-up on travel board games for adults and verbal icebreakers that partners can do in their seats, maybe even a group ebook session that makes it easier to connect with each other.

Take Pit Stops and Explore New Turf

One of the best parts about traveling long distances by bus as opposed to plane is that you can stop every so often to check out a place you’ve never been. We suggest downloading a reputable travel app that allows you to make check-ins, stay on route, and find maps of the cities you visit. Before you start taking your long-distance trip, you should see which cities and towns are located between you and your final destination. Try to arrange to stop in at least a few of them so that you can get a taste for what the local culture is like before heading back on the road.

Keep Multiple Head Counts

When you’re getting on and off a bus multiple times, there’s a chance someone could end up getting left behind at a rest stop or restaurant without anyone noticing. You should put one person in charge of taking a roll call before your bus departs after each stop. It will ensure you don’t have to go back and pick someone up once you’ve left.

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The Best Bus Tour Cities in the U.S.

San Fran Bus Tour

Seeing an unfamiliar city by bus is a great way to take in some of its most popular landmarks and attractions. Some of these tours cruise around entire cities, while others focus more on individual neighborhoods and destinations. Just about every major city offers some sort of bus tour to visitors, but a few go above and beyond to give out-of-towners a memorable experience. So never mind the Segways; today we’ll look at a few of the best bus tour cities in the country.

San Francisco

The Golden Gate City is home to a diverse selection of bus tours, including night tours that afford visitors the opportunity to catch a unique view of the city after dark. Other tours allow visitors to hop on and off at will to stop and see the sights. These tours trek through some of the city’s most colorful neighborhoods, and stop at a number of must-see attractions including Chinatown and Pier 39. And of course no tour of San Francisco would be complete without a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.

New York City

Anyone who’s ever driven through the streets of Manhattan knows that there’s an added incentive to taking a bus in the Big Apple. Fortunately, New York City’s bus tours are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. These tours provide tourists with a stress-free way to get an up-close look at the city that never sleeps. You can also find themed tours, such as one that takes passengers to the sites where scenes from famous movies have been filmed. In New York City, there’s truly a bus tour for everyone.


It might be windy, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful urban design in the country. You could easily spend days cruising around the streets of Chicago before you run out of sights to see. Many of Chicago’s bus tours are hop-on-hop-off tours that allow visitors to stop and check out the areas they’re most interested in. Swing by historic Wrigley Field, snap a photo in the Cloud Gate and stop to catch a breathtaking view of the city at the Willis Tower Skydeck.
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